Fashion Drama Show "Salone des Visionaire"

First of all I wanna say hello to all of you. At long last, I come back from the long hiatus! Do you guys miss me? Hahaha.

You must be surprise that now I'm living in Taiwan and pursuing my master degree. But it's another long story to tell. I don't know if people still reading blog today, seems like everyone is moving to Instagram or Youtube or even TikTok. 

In 2021, the whole world is still struggling with this Covid-19 Outbreak. However here in Taiwan, fortunately I gotta say that we are pretty safe compared to another country, because the case here is very low and the healthy issues are still under controlled. Some events like fashion show, sport tournament, concert, and party are still running without worries. Even though in some cases, we need to put the mask on and maintaining social distancing, showing that we are concern about this.

Fashion Drama Show "Salone des Visionaire"

May 8th, 2021
Location: Army Forces Cultural Centre, Taipei

After Taipei Fashion Week 2021 F/W had been held months ago, some of local Taiwanese designers are hosting the after party to give another chance to the patrons enjoying their latest collections. And this one is coming from JustinXX with his own label, Luxxury Godbage, in collaboration with Johnnie Walker Taiwan "Sherry Bomb" series, to throw the fashion drama show! Well if you know me really well, I'm not really into alcohol, but this whiskey tastes so light. I can even finish two cups before the show started. Seems like my alcohol tolerance is getting higher now... So, I'm not exaggerating to say that it was a wrap. Always so extra!

To be honest, this is my first ever to watch a fashion drama show. I watched lots of fashion shows before... but mostly they were just the show, we could only see models are running on the catwalk showing the latest trends.
But once again, Justin is so out of the box and never short of cool ideas. I always amazed by his collaboration with such huge brands like Nike and Levi's. Moreover, he always derived the sustainable concept to the craft, and how he presents his creative mind to every pieces of his cloth. This time, he brings out six different series of collection: "Master Lecture", "Impossible Joint Name", "University Monograph Report",  I shop therefore I am", "Sherry Bomb", and last but not least, "The marquee of life's classic moments"! Each series has different feel.

By bringing the fashion competition as the concept of this drama show, with the fake famous fashion figures as the judges, let's say Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfield, and Yayoi Kusama. He successfully makes the audiences in the theatre laugh out loud. Not to mention the performance of Taiwanese singer, Dizzy Dizzo, who's also amazing. I do love when the models are effortlessly walking on the stage and following the beats just like that.

You might be thinking that all those fashion layers are very complicated to wear, but apparently they show it how to apply in a short period of time. They did the makeover on the stage just in a blink of an eye! Funtastic. And guess what?! These pieces are all environmental friendly because they were made by utilizing the waste materials or second-hand clothes to redesigned and reusing.

Like Justin always believe, perhaps there is no longer a need for trendy clothes, we can reduce waste and environmental pollution. It's something not only the fashion industry, but also everyone in the global community should think long and hard about.