West Sumatera: Somewhere in Between The Hill and The Ocean

Kampuang Nan Jauah di Mato

Kampuang nan jauh di mato 
Gunuang Sansai Baku Liliang
Takana Jo Kawan, Kawan Nan Lamo 
Sangkek Basu Liang Suliang
Panduduknya nan elok nan 

Suko Bagotong Royong
Kok susah samo samo diraso
Den Takana Jo Kampuang
Takana Jo Kampuang

Induk Ayah Adik Sadonyo
Raso Mangimbau Ngimbau Den Pulang
Den Takana Jo Kampuang

The lyrics of a popular folk song from West Sumatera, ringing in my ears while typing this. I came here to attend my best friend's wedding party. Feeling so familiar with those kind of Sumatera's vibes, but this is my first time in West side... and who knows I am even falling in love with this city!

The sound of the tide seemed to echo with more vibrant. It's because you're surrounded by ocean on all sides, feel the breeze from West Sumatera. All along the beaches are directly connected to The Indian Ocean. Ya, West Sumatera is a member of Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), an international organisation consisting of coastal states bordering the Indian Ocean.

Air Manis Beach
Do you know that the most popular Indonesian folklore "Malin Kundang" is come from here? I spend a time to visit the sites. It's only a heap of human-shaped stones with his ship next to. No border line or guardrail. I am regretting there's so many illegal traders on the coast, disrupting its natural beauty.

Although we will never know the truth of this myth, whether it is true or not. But, I really care about the moral story. Hopefully the fact about my Malaysian friend even know this Indonesian folklore, she said that the story was in their textbook when she was elementary school, is the proof that it is very very popular across country too makes you believe that I ain't only joking.

Museum Adityawarman
A local museum with the unique "Rumah Gadang" characteristic architectures. It is just a minute by walk from our hotel, so I came here twice. Pretty much of history collection, they also have an Earthquake Monument to remembering the victim of tsunami and huge earthquake in 2006 and 2009.

a touchily poem by governor
Chinatown (Pondok)
Culinary area in town, just fixed for every budget. From a modest street food to fancy cafe, soft beverages, desserts, and typical dish, all in one along the street.
The buildings are one of attraction too, oldies but classic. Some of them are out of use too. Some sections have damage here and there, and become the heritage of the city. I am pretty sure that everything has a historical value here.

West Sumatera has a new road to reach Malin Kundang stone! A quite long road winding up the hill, where we can stop by and see the panoramic view of the city from above. If you have more time enough, you can also cisit Siti Nurbaya village, from the bridge among the hill. The myth says that she was meet her backstreet lover uphill. Then she buried there.

It only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes for me to explore around the city alone by online rides before my friends were arrived one day after. It's a tiny city with larger life attitudes. The locals also very friendly, how its people want you to be welcomed into the city. I know some Minangnese by this trip. Even I just strolling around the capital Padang City, but I was attracted by the beach, the hill, the downtown, the foods, even the local language and cultures. Every single corner of this city are also very attractive and instagramable, that's why I took a lot of pictures of landscapes.

Luckily I got the kindly driver since Day 1. They drove me to explore around and recommend some cool spots. So many places in this city to discover over and over. I had not left yet, but I was already planning my trip back!
"Go look for places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are."

Abroad You(th) 3rd Chapter

I believe that one journey will lead you to another ones. Never imagined I was at this point before. This story is based on my international tennis tournament when I was in uni. Who knows that destiny bring me to the next level?

For me, writing is a basic skill to maintenance your existence nowadays. I prefer the print out media such as book, because books will stand last longer than archives in social media or internet.
I have contribute my experience into a book! It's been an honor to me to write about my favorite part, sport and how to deal going abroad in that industry you always focus on. Can't ask for a better starting point of my own little career as a writer.

Abroad (You)th
First published in 2016, now we launched the latest chapter, the 3rd! Initiated by Kak Putri. It's a compilation stories of young people who had took a part in youth programs from many countries. In this book you can steal our journey to motivates you going abroad and see the different part of the world. Ssssttt, there are some tips and tricks too!

at Kediri's Landmark, "Simpang Lima Gumul Monumen"t

Launched on The International Book Day 2018 at Pare, Kediri, East Java. I feel so special can join this hype in Kampung Inggris, a place where many youths from around Indonesia come here to learn English with good environment.

We had a mini talk show. Q & A about the book, also meet & greet with the contributors. Although it was just a simple event, I amazed with audience's enthusiastic during the talk. They seemed interest into our topic, and many unpredictable questions from them. I like to inspire people, so I gave my best to discuss and keep a good interact with audience.

Just remembering that day I was sitting behind my work desk, thinking about the first draft of inspiration, even all the glisters and blisters through my student-athlete journey. Then now...voila!! It's come to life!

Thanks for the great opportunity. I'll take this chance to jump higher someday.
You neither, guys. Hopefully this little work will bring you to another great opportunity to reach you dreams. Good luck and keep going!