Thai Playlist

I was a Thai fan since my first tennis tournament to Songkhla in 2010...and keep coming back to the land of White Elephant a few years after that. Thailand and Malaysia trip in particular for tennis tournament. What I love the most is the cultural, the peoples, the foods, everything about Thailand makes me feel calm and peaceful.

I just visited Thailand again last month with my family as holiday trip. It feels like long time since my last international flight. Different from my previous trip with my teammates, now I have lots of family time, exploring some spiritual places I never visited before...

You know if you are on a trip where you spent many hours, you will find some interesting things into your playlist. Whether they are international hits songs or even another song from different languages. Well, whatever it is, in those moments you need to leaning back and listening with your travel companion. In my case, I love to listen to local songs from the country I visiting. I posted it in my IG story, and some friends ask me what song it was. So here they are, I share it with all of you...

1. Pang Nakarin ft. Takkatan Cholada - Poom Pae Krungthep (Bangkok Allergic)
There's a story that make this song as number one on my Thai playlist. Yeah, this is the first Thai song that I knew and fell in love after I heard hundred times from my second visit to Songkhla at 2013. Maybe it was such the top playlist in Thailand that year. Of course it bring some memories back for me personally. I remember searching for this song on Youtube right after I arrived at my homeland! It wasn't easy, you still need the luck to find the song you didn't know the title, the lyric, as well as the artist. But luckily, I finally found it! Felt in love with the song once again after watching the video clip and even more after I know the lyric is unexpected and out of the box. Funny but true at the same time. Now, I already memorized the Thai lyric and could pronounce it fluently! Hahaha.

2. Ice Sarunyu - Pahk Wahng (Free Mouth)
My search still continues... Well, when you found a Thai song which is nice to hear, you'd want to find another more and more. It's kind of hearing sense addicted. Then my next favorite artist is Ice Sarunyu, a Thai singer that seem so popular in his country. No doubt, because most of his songs are easy-listened. Pahk Wahng is one of them, that sounds soooo suitable for a trip.

3. Getsunova - Glai Kae Nai Keu Glai (How Far is Near)
The way I like this song wasn't the same as I like the other Thai songs I mentioned before. I need more time to hear this as a good song which I would love to put in my playlist. I just didn't like a sad song, because in my mind Thai songs are always about cheering up. Hahaha, forget my crazy thought. Until this song was appear in a movie but in woman version, sorry I forget what movie is it. The feeling found the song you know in a random movie is totally something! I listen carefully and search for the lyric, then I've finally like it...and maybe it becomes the first lyrics I remember in my mind when you ask me a Thai song.

4. Ice Sarunyu - Yahk Dohn Bpen Jao Kaung (I Wanna Be Taken)
Another Ice's song I've heard on top 10 playlist that year. The tone sounds friendly and fun to heard many times. No more explanation about this song, because the singer is Ice Sarunyu, the singer you won't missed to.

5. Yes Sir Days - Meur Rai Ja Dai Pop Ter (When Will I Get to See You)
Got it from a Thai drama series Pon Prom Om La Weng. Ya, I ever be that Thai biggest fan so I watch the series. I don't really sure about the title and artist actually. I can't find any similar video clip about it in English title, or at least in Thai lettering. Maybe this song isn't popular outside the country. Simply search for it with keywords original soundtrack (OST).

There are still more songs on my Thai playlist, but I can't find the English title. Furthermore, I'm not sure you will like it too or not... As you may already know, my music taste is a bit weird. The new comers of Thai singer and bands are just emerging nowadays, I don't know why I still stick on my old playlist. But I have any favorite band to recommend, like SPF or Basketball Band. The rising women actress as well as singer like Aom Sushar, Ice Preechaya, or Tina. And sometimes, watching the movie may be help to find a good Thai songs on their soundtrack. Explore some and look for something that suits your music taste best!