Bangka, A Wonderful Island

This is my second time to celebrate new year in the wonderful island, Bangka.
A little different from 2 years ago, this time for a big family trip!

The main purpose of visiting Bangka was reigniting family ties from our father's and my Grandmom from mother's side. Hahaha sorry for confusing here, my family tree is indeed complicated story.
My father's homeland always be a special place to me, and I filled a lot of internal gaps on this trip. Visiting some relatives is a memorable thing for me, even this tradition had been taught since I was a kid. Growing up as a city kids, we were sadly never that close to families and relatives here, so big familial gatherings were never a regular thing. It was an exploration of one’s roots. A re-connection with family from our father's side. An eye opening vision to a place where you belong, a place that's so different from home, but so familiar at the exact same time!

As you know, Sumatera has a lot treasure when it comes to nature theraphy. So, here are some of my footprints during the trip:

Tri Agung Monastery
My family will never forget to visit the sacred temple, the place where all the prayers started, even while on vacation. It also good for a religious trip. Can't get enough of that monastery hill-view! So excited to be back... It all felt the same and very safe in my heart. Peacefully and calmness! I like it when places feel reliably welcoming and nostalgic like this. You can leave and they wait for you to come back always.

The Dochen's Family

Parai Tenggiri Beach
Beach is always be my happy place! Beaches are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery. Thanks God Indonesia is an archipelago country, so I can visit my paradise all the time I want to. In addition, beaches are ones of Bangka tourism pride. The uniqueness of Bangka's beaches are they have the big meteorite stones spread across the landscapes. And here I am in the right place!

Red Hill
Due to the abundant natural resources, especially in the mining sector, Bangka has several craters formed by tin mining area. I know there are many similar tourist attraction out there, but Red Hill was special because it has the red clay ground, not the white one as usual craters.
We have to struggling first to reach the top of the crater, and it was a dangerous journey if I could say. Other than because the rocky hill is very steep to climb, the clay also too sticky to step up because of rain the day before. Huh, but fortunately it worth every bit, and even I enjoyed every step I made on this adventurous trip!

Bangka Golden Bridge
The locals call it 'Jembatan Emas', the new infrastructure that built over the long river. That Bangka sway with the palm trees goes like that all day.

Bangka Botanical Garden
Who's say only Bogor has Botanical Garden? Bangka has it too! I think Bangka has its specialty when it comes to the clay. The road we crossed were all made by red soil, and of course it will be muddy when it rains... Oh, they have the good pure cow's milk too in every flavor, don't forget to stop by, have a milky-drink and enjoy the view!

Planning to go home again someday, maybe?