LAKME Trend Gala 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

This annual event was held by Lakme Absolute Reinvent in partnership with Fimela comes with the theme:
October 18, 2017
at Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Pacific Place Jakarta

The runway show featuring four emerging Indonesian designers:
- Kraton Auguste Soesastro
- Mel Ahyar
- Sapto Djojokartiko
- Toton

The big four designer of the most fashion forward in the industry. I love when fashion and beauty met, make a powerful collaboration.

I blame myself came late to the show and missed a lot of incredible presentation from Kraton. I just came when Mel Ahyar Couture performing their collections. He engage the audience to enter the botanical garden as blows in his creative mind, to escape from worldly distress into the realm of fantasy. Flower power beyond imagination is totally a thing! Featuring the top fashion bloggers and influencers like Anastasia Siantar, Tyna Kanna Mirdad, Caca Tengker, and Linda Kayhz.  It was almost the end of the show when I just realize the magical for a split second.

Sapto Djojokartiko shows their latest work, dominated with elegance embroidery and glamour metallic all the way. The colorful see through couture designs which is envisages the lady on her quest of spiritual notions about universe and her existence. It was a brand new look with the fresh and colorful details for SS18 that never seen in any Sapto's collections before.

Then Toton follows the wonderful performance, supported by international and local models, indulged with amazing 3D effects, succeed to amazed the crowd that night. A blend of contemporary and heritage creation always makes me feel like I'm time traveling to someplace between modern fairy-tales and outer space from beginning till the end. What we got from this show is the brand trying to say something about social issues that's happening lately in our culture.

Grand Finale Show
They bring the fabulous Lakme ambassador, one and only Agnes Monica, proudly walk on the runway to end the night just before grand finale show when all models and designers do the parade.

Overall, the show was superb from the fashion geniuses! Every designer stood out with his unique vision. I enjoy the fantastic look how each model bring to showcase the brand by their own signature style. Completed with unbeatable makeup from lightweight and glowing to bold and dramatic trend by Lakme Absolute, they rock the runway.

...and let the after party started!

The second glass of wine and still standing!

Come with my brother from

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