Dancing under the Moonlight

Saturday, September 09, 2017

If you frequently visit my writing, you must know that I really love the beach however it is. Living in archipelago means you have an extra bond with the sea and waves. That's what our country has.

So this time I had an opportunity to visit beaches in Java island, which I had never considered before, because the island is more focused on art and culture than the nature itself.
It were Parangtritis and Indrayanti beaches. What makes those special were because I visited at the middle of the night, exactly at 12 am or more. I can see clearly even there's no light on that beach. But when it comes to the dark photography, I'm sorry I'm not that capable.

As an human being, I do believe in magic. There's still local belief that says Java's beach is inhabited by the queen of the sea. Some restrictions still ringing in my brain when I visited, but let us don't be that paranoid, just be assured that there will be no bad things happened when we didn't do anything bad to damage the environment surrounds.

Forgive my insanity, I blame my uncontrolled endorphin hormones when I saw beaches. Here comes the girl who turn into a completely different person when she's dancing...

My ears listen on every waves roar...
My nose loves to smell the stinky of the sea,
even when my eyes can't see the blue in the darkness
My skin lazily join the breeze into the droplets of seashores,
even when no shadows hiding beneath on my feet

When the splinter of moonlight welcomes the night, right before the city waking up....
...let's dancing in the dark like no body's watching!

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