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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Last month, I was still on the fence about doing the thing I really wanted in life or not. Since I was a kid, I always admire someone with the artwork on their skin. Not the body paintings which I often use when in Bali or stickers from bubblegum surprises. No. Not that kinda temporary tattoo. I'm talking about the permanent one. Although sometimes the whisper of my parents and closest friends advice are made me into a very deep dilemma. But then I found a wise word said,

So I decided to stop the war, and make it happen. I came to the tattoo artist and decided to be that girl with the images on her body. Now it has been a month since I have it. Okay, finally I got my very first permanent tattoo! The craziest decision I've ever made. Maybe I did the mistake. But believe me, it feels like all the burdens are detached from the heart. Truly an evil inside of me!

After the tattoo has healed, the problem didn't stop there. It wasn't always easy for the first time. The taboo things about the do's and don't's of tattooing for Indonesian female like me. Even until I'm ready to go public right now, it takes time for my family and friends to accept it and made up their minds. Of course, getting a tattoo is a huge deal for me as a girl born in "so-Asian-minded" family. This is really a big decision that must be considered wisely. After all, it will be something that found room on my body for my entire life forever and ever and ever. Although nowadays the open-minded peoples were thinking that tattoo is part of fashion and lifestyle.

I realize the risk of I will end up bored or even dislike the design, or I choose the wrong position. Personally, I prefer tattoo with meaning. However, I need to show my tattoo effortlessly, not just can be seen when I wear a tank top or bikini, but a part in my body that can be easily seen. That's why I choose my life essentials as my tattoo designs on my right arm.

And those three symbols are where my life begins...

Dharma cakra, a Buddhism symbol as my top priority and lead me all the way.

Tennis racquet and ball, keeping me in balance between spiritual and physical health.

Tooth, reminds me of my current mission as a dentist, to fix the world in a better smile.

You know when you related to symbols, it isn't only show my characteristic but also as my life goals to keep my tattoo lively and vibrant. I thank universe to make it happened at the age of 25.
And for another goals and artwork on my barely skin, who knows how many more will follow?!

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