Boyzlife Concert: Stories, Laughter, Music

Since my elementary school, I dreamed to watch the Westlife concert one day. A simply wish of a childhood fantasy when Momma didn't allowed me to attend any concert because of safety reason. Even I had to bother asking for my Mom permission when I wanted watch their live concert on TV, because the show program was too late night already for under age kids like me and my sister.

On the last Sunday, the wait has finally over. Here we were, my sister @likesplendya and I. My concert buddies, @saeyori and her sister @ransayomi also join us at the last moment. Double trouble remaining, the same feeling as we had 3 years ago when watching for MLTR Concert.

I can't say it was my dream comes true actually, because it wasn't a Westlife concert. A blend of ex Westlife (Brian McFadden) and Boyzone (Keith Duffy) are the perfect match to cure my yearning for 90s boybands concert.

May 21st, 2017
at Lagoon Garden, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta

After a great introducing performance by MC Indra Bekti, and Delon as opening singer. We put our hands up in the air to welcoming Boyzlife. The Boyz were amazing that night. I didn't really give attention to Keith before, because I wasn't a Boyzone fan, but Westlife. Although I'm still hearing their song when the hypes are for electronic dance music in this millennial era, but I know nothing about their life journey. How an ex Westlife like Bryan McFadden survive on music industry, or how his personal life after he decided to resign from the group.

Keith Duffy
Keith was very humble that night. He come along passing by other VVIP audiences to join us at Festival class. The standing crowd was so excited when he seriously asked the security to open the gap between us.  We scream out loud to express our happiness because of him.... Wow, what a man! Honestly, I still worried that he will get scolded by the promoter later for doing this rebel thing. Hahaha. Thank you Keith, you have made our night incredible!

Brian McFadden
Brian was still looks good as he used to. His beard and slightly fatness doesn't diminish his charm. As we already know, he was such a crush for every 90s girls, so when he started to smile, everybody are yelling for him. He lingered enjoy the moment to tempting us all. Naughty but handsome. His voice also made me melting at the floor! Uhhh... I always love his clearly and warm voice.

Until I found that they are both humorous persons. I love their stages act for sure! Not only beautiful voice, hearing they argue and make some jokes, or just embracing each other showing their bromance languages. And we even see they were dealing with a child on stage! A lucky girl who cry at first but then she was offered a mic by The Boyz to play with lyrics. Surprisingly, she know every single word than they ever expected before. She was happy at the end. I think that's why this event themed stories, laughter, music.

I know, we can't just define a concert by number of how far or near we were at that time. But being so this close with my childhood crush, at the very first line in front of him as my hand can even touch him for real was such a magical. It was stimulate my mind with a breath of idol syndrome, the joy of yelling, and the playful scene to celebrate the music as utopia. This pleasure didn't come along just like fingers snapping, but the hard work of preceding the crowded fans layer by layer, and strong mental to be blocked and bullied. Haha. And we got it!

The crowds also bring back the concert euphoria to the maximum energy with a class. There's nothing like reaching the perfect level of madness while jumping and dancing on the floor, listening to our childhood favorite songs, and singing along together with them. Totally a great show!

Also catching up with another Boyzlife fans on that day makes me realize that the love of 90's pop music is still alive. I don't join any fansclub exactly, but the feeling of loving the same music sense is truly something.

Can't wait for a Westlife reunion concert someday. Thank you Boyzlife. Thank you for an amazing night, concert buddies! See you on the next upcoming projects....