Another Humanity Project

I think I have been so lucky in life, and I have been given so much. And that's why I wanted to give back. Then, when one day @pemudatheravadajakbar contact me to join their medical team, especially as dentist for March charity, I'd like be over the moon!

It was 2 days humanity project at Temanggung, Central Java. Just like another backwoods in Indonesia, Temanggung is a green area where you can go for lots of walks, take a stroll by all agricultural things. The distance between one village to another isn't very far. We even welcomed by the locals! These interactions not only provide great action sequences, but also help in our efforts to better understand their languages and complaints.

Day 1 - Dusun Ngadisari
I remember how to survive on that thoughtful day. The sleepless day after arrive from Jakarta in couple hours, and have to work practically which is exhausting. It was a same day when I meet some senior doctors, drg.Vica and other medical line ups for the first time. I was insecure to be honest. As the youngest, I was feeling underestimated, like the last kid chosen at a bored games.

But obviously, their friendly gesture makes me comfy and confident eventually. They treat me as colleague and feel free to share knowledge they know. By working with seniors, you'll get to know more lesson of life in medical industry. A beautiful experience that you can't get everyday.

Medical line up

Day 2 - Dusun Pringapus
We haven't finished yet, still have a lot of patients and do treatments all day.
As dentist, we don't share too much of the illness things on here, because they are things that I like to take the time to contemplate all by myself. But here we are to motivate and educate peoples that oral health is really important, even from school ages.

Dental Team
drg. Vica and I

The feeling of being tired, but happy at the end of the day when all the work is done! Thanks for this opportunity. Hopefully this social project hopefully useful for others.

Another extended day with these pretty doctors... 
A day well spent at temple for sure!

The best part is working with many different peoples and getting to know them, having the sense that you are not actually working. It feels good to do something useful and a lot of fun. It was a fun charity and I love to work this way.

See you on another project, I hope they weren't regret inviting a jerk like me. Hahaha!