Happy New You

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Coming back from my 2 months hiatus!
Sorry for not posting anymore since October, because I have a lot of things to do. But, I think it's not too late to wishing you a very happy New Year 2016! New year means the new you.

I ended the year in somewhere in South of Sumatera, a little Indonesian Maldives, call it Bangka-Belitung. That are two different island, and a lil bit different culture, both of them are most magical. The hidden paradise, heaven on earth. This is just a little sneak peek of it's view:

No more spoiler.
I will tell my holiday story later in my next post...

This post belongs to my new year reflection which is always same as the last, and several previous years. Hahaha. I have no resolution. I didn't see the effectiveness of changing our mindset or habit if only just words. No. What happened in the future is depend on your action now. So, I just do the right thing that makes me happy. I'm a simply normal person who can find happiness anytime, anywhere. If I list that things of what make me happy, there's alot! But I can think some...

Laugh about unimportant things with my siblings.
Lay in my bed all weekend long.
Got involved in any sport activity.
Call my parents and tell them everything what I did in a whole day.
Buy a bottle of soda drinks in canteen.
A campus escape then going home quickly.
Know that a mini mart near house still selling vegetarian onigiri.
Watch streaming of NET TV.
Listening 90's songs.
Read the comments from a random follower on my Instagram.
Hear my lecturer call my name, so I know that she/he remember me among thousands of students.
Stalk my favorite figure's social account.
Nice to know there's at least a friend who never mind taking my #ootd pictures.
Get a message from my potential patient/clients.
Get an invitation from missing friend, whatever a birthday, graduation, or wedding celebration.
Find a highlight in my email among thousands of spams.
Touch the clear water sea, that makes me want to continue my goal to see and explore the wonders of the world, hmmm at least in domestic area.
Get many cooperative patient abundantly, so I can completing the requirement cases then finish my study as soon as possible.
And many more. . .

“To me, the goal has always been to create something that makes me happy…
To live in the moment and enjoy every minute of life. To learn from everyone and everything around. To practice gratitude and mindfulness every day.”

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