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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I was thinking about a perfect outdoor party, when my high school friend Syuangelia, suddenly message me, telling that she want to get married soon with her great one. I just...speechless listening this good news, but also happy for her at the same time.

The ceremony will be held in Bali on the very first week of October. This is such a private party only for families and bestfriends. I respect her invitation so much, so I decided to go on Friday afternoon after my clinical activity, as a weekend escape.

On the night at her bridal shower dinner, we all the girls went around to a seafood restaurant, laughing and sharing our best bits of wedding planning advice. Preparing her as a bride to be. Our advice: Have a glass of wine before the ceremony! Hahaha.

The matrimony and also ceremony located in Klapa Restaurant, one of the most Bali's wonderful view. The sunset, the ocean's wind, and the sounds of wave are following make this romantic atmosphere more perfect...

The holy matrimony was held in a Buddhist way. I just touched at those moment, I can feel my watery eyes when they both saying the vows, to be faithful forever in a marriage bondage. I don't want to miss every single moment of this holy matrimony. Capturing this happy couple is so intrigue.

Bali is beautiful. But believe me when the sun goes down, it's even a little bit more beautiful!

We were the youngsters (exclude the bride and the groom) continued to after party at Harris hotel's rooftop and lounge, open a table to have some fun for a night. All the bridesmaids and groomsmen talked a lot all night long, even though we never know each others before. It was nice to meet these buddies.

Congratulation for Edwin & Syu! Wishing you both life happily ever after, be a tiny little family in harmony, peaceful, and get a baby soon :p

I hope someday I will have my dream wedding ceremony comes true! Saddhu.

》》》 More to come from my salty trip on the next post... Stay tuned!

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