Rhythm of The Sea

Listen to the rhythm of the sea...
Telling me just what a grateful I've been!

We went to Tangkil Island, Lampung on the last summer. Me, Like, Thomas, and our beloved father who faithfully accompanied us. Every year, it takes place at a time where my mind is full of high summer memories to keep on telling, especially my travel diary. But I almost have no spare time these current days, so let me share some beach photos from my gallery.

Blue skies, sparkling water, shady mangrove, and white sand. Walking barefoot across the white-sand of this island might make you feel like you are in one of the chicest luxury spas... Beach can always keep my mood in the highest level. Thanks God, I live in archipelago country!

This is what we call 'paradise dreaming'. If only I could live my perfect dream life, I'd be in a casual top every single day, enjoy reading some lifestyle magazines on a balcony overlooking my own private beach. Hmmm but as I said, that's just a DREAM life~

To go to the island, you need to rent a wooden boat for go and take you back after a few hours, or in some case they just want you to pay for each person. At holiday season, I think the cost is more expensive than usual. Luckily if there's many peoples want to go there, you can share the boat and of course it can lower the cost.

So many high fives, laughs, cheers, and smiles we shared all around. So many sunsets we've just been over washed with joy. Aaahh, I miss my summer time already >.<
See you on the next holiday trip!

--->>> Travel tips:
Make sure your travelling buddies are your best ones!