Beach Essential

Friday, August 07, 2015

Late summer is a perfect time to go some place that can reflect the summer perfectly before the season ends. We are talking about BEACH! White sands, corals, mangrove, wind, and sun. Who doesn't love it?

I'll share my beach essentials on this post. These are some essentials you need to prepare before you go. Check it out!

Beach shawl: Bali's local market (unbranded)
Summer hat: Forever XXI
Camera: Nikon D3100
Sunglasses: Zara
Wallet: Guy Laroche

1. Beach Shawl
A must have items at the beach! To covered your sexy outfit or bikini. You can also handle it to drying your body after water activities. In some case, you can sit on it over the white soft sand. So multifunctional! 

2. Summer Hat

How to make a summer in style? A perfect hat absolutely! Other than going to look in high fashion, summer hat also serves to protect your face from the directly sun burn.

3. Camera

Do not want to miss this moment. Capture your best summer style and stay exist on social media :) Prepare your best lens, whether you want a normal lens, fish eye, eagle eye, go pro, etc. The most important is don't forget to check your battery and memory card first.

4. Sunglasses

Control your eyes under the sweltering sunlight by using sunnies. Believe me, you'll look more stylish and easier to the eyes wide open.

5. Sunblock
Sun care is something I take very serious and I want to spread that UV radiation is bad for you. So, protect your skin with SPF lotion. I use two different brands for this product, because of the difference between skin face and hand & body. Not only for long hours outdoor activity, but recommended for all day even when you out of home for a while. Start to care your skin, and make sun protection into your everyday skincare ritual. If needed, you could add tanning lotion too. It makes your skin looks glowing and exotic.

6. Wallet
There are so many pretty things are sold at the beach, either foods and drinks. Some beaches are freely open for public, but sometimes you need to pay first. In case you want to go to another island across the sea, you have to rent a boat, and it's spend many costs for sure. If the resort have water sports, I bet you can't resist yourself and at the end you want to try it. Diving, canoeing, parachuting, even banana boat! The point is... Don't leave your money at home!

Enjoy your late Summer Holiday!

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