The Matrimony

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ferry Medyanzen Dochen Cathy
at Swiss Bel Hotel, Mangga Besar, Jakarta

I'm sure that not everyone of you who knows my family name. Okay I'll tell you...

(n.) Dochen
Sounds weird and a lil bit cheesy. That wasn't really a family name actually, I can say it just a last name which self made hereditary. Dochen was made from Mandarin word (Cheng), as our truly surname. I never know why they put 'Do' in the front, either it comes from the first basic tone or something...
You know, many Chinese people in the past generation have no Indonesian name. Their parents just give them three words Chinese character as their name when they were born. But in their teen age, legally required them to have a national name. So they decided to choose the name by themselves. Can you imagine that? Choose your own name! How cool. Just because all my uncles used it, then continued to our cousins, and maybe to their grandchild later. Except my father, the 'out of the box' one. I don't know why he choose the different last name with his siblings, and didn't pass it on to his children. But in many condition, he often use Dochen in needed. Hmmm, I never understand his creative mind~

A gorgeous dress by @christineelim

This is my elder cousin's matrimonial. The wedding reception in our family is a sacral ceremony. All big family members have to join this celebration to respect the host and congratulate them. Beyond that necessity, for me privately, I still can't believe this is already happened in our generation. In case, Ko Yanzen was the naughtiest boy in the family. He never looks this serious, he was always playing, and telling some jokes. I still remember how our Mandarin teacher got mad to him. And now, he's married! Although he wasn't the first one in this family who get married, but our childhood memories seemed didn't want to make me realize that we are all this mature already. How time flies...

Congrats for your marriage Ko Yanzen & Cathy!
Life happily ever after then :)

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