Touch of Red

WRP with Cosmopolitan Magazine held an inspirational event.
Office 2 Office:
"Start Your Healthy Life and Career with Commitment"

This event is held in 3 towns, Surabaya, Medan, and Jakarta.
19 November 2014
at The View 26th Floor, Grand Swiss-Belhotel

You could say I'm an event hunter, because I really can't help to join this kinda fancy event. I went there with Indah and Evi.
All participants have to wear the red dress code. I love it when the ballroom seems hot and energetic with a touch of red/white glamorous ladies!

After the dinner, we had sharing about the products. Sharing about how to start everything in life, without any commitment. Sounds impossible, but surely doable.

Had an inspirational cooking demo, with a young, gorgeous, and talented celebrity chef in town @yudabustara! How to make an healthy and delicious food & beverage in simply way, specially for urban ladies nowadays. Honestly, I don't really know about cooking. But when I saw he cooked the salmon with style, I was very interested! He know how to improved.

We also had an inspiring motivation session with expert psychologist, Mr. Alexander Sriewijono. He try to touch our sensitiveness to be a better person, sharing about his problems, his experience, and well it works.

At the end of event, we took photo together at the booth with this charming Chef Yuda!

Believe it or not, fortunately we get the same lift too with the chef and MC! Although we don't know each others in that lift, but we had the simple chat. They are so friendly,'s selfie reminder! :p Hitsss maximum.

The Hormones

Maybe I've told so many times that I adore Thai, whether of peoples, culture, songs, and also movie. Currently I watched Thai drama series, and it was amazing! I think life in Thailand isn't much different from Indonesia, it's just a creative ideas that make it different into the cinema. From drama to short movie, from short movie to the series, and finally into Thai lakorn.

My most favorite is Hormones The Series! No doubt. It's about teenager's life around 16-17 years old of 9 main characters. The cast are full of stars, such as Peach Pachara, Pattie Ungsumalynn, March Chutavuth, Punpun Sutatta, etc. They were chosen by a tight casting, which finally bring them as the stars. IMHO, the director is so brilliant, they are really fit with the characters in this series. The cast also adorable, they know how to improve the act becomes real. You won't missed a single one because they are all pretty handsome and gorgeous.

The story isn't only about love but also family, teenager's problem, school, and friendship. Every single scenes are so out of the box, unpredictable, but truly real happened in our life. Each character have their own life, different character, and of course have each problems. Although this stories didn't notice that they are all best friend, but they looks amazing when together. By watching this series, huahhh I missed my teenager's life when life is free, rebel, and crushed.

Although it's a modern drama, but there's a touched of Thai culture at some scene. I think the best one is when they comes to the family. As a teenager, sometimes we argue our parents. But at the end, we have to apology first, because we realized that we are our parents' child and they always know the best. These scenes are dominant for every character and becomes my inspiration in my mind. Dissidents outside but very respectful to the parents. Totally cool teenagers!

Because of the series reached a lot of fans, both in Thai and even internationally, they make it into Hormones The Series Season 2. When the 9 main characters are in the next grade, plus some new addition characters from Hormones The Next Gen. I don't really understand about talent search, but I heard it was booming for Thai teenagers. If only... hahaha!

We're hoping for Hormones The Series Season 3 with the same cast!