Martin Boots

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hi guys! I think you have already noticed that shoes is something I interested in and I wanted to take this moment to spread the word.

Look at the 3 different looks above: Simple, feminine, and elegance. All different style, but wait... Actually I'm not a kind of girl who's try very hard to look elegance. So, what's make it adorable in my own way? Shoes!!!

It's England Spring Women Martin Boots from Favechic!
Check out their cutest collections on instagram: @favechic. Then order yours by click this link
Or you can also download Favechic app at Mobile App/Playstore, so you can shopping effectively, directly from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere you are. Psssst, I'll tell you a secret....get 10% discount by using code 'dressiosfcdisc'. Don't tell anyone else because I spread it for readers only :p

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  1. i fall in love too with your pink shoes! so eye catching! ❤


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