The Color Fund! #Colorful22

Sunday, March 30, 2014

As you know, I'm obsessed by colors, both in the case of clothes or dealing with life. Therefore, in this my 22nd birthday, I decided to make it #colorful22 as the theme. Besides that, it was inspired by the running event 'The Color Run', which is very popular among young peoples nowadays. Hahaha. In addition to healthy, it was also fun!

It isn't really different than last year event, it's about sharing free foods for homeless peoples on the road. But in more creative way. It was:
A charity food on the road

Thursday, March, 27th 2014
Simple invitation.
But believe me, I make it by the deepest heart :p

Sorry to make the limited invitation. But actually this event isn't limited to invited friends only. If you want to join, I just welcome (if the transports are enough). So, confirm me first. I hope someday you could join us :)

22+1 food packages and milks were distributed successfully! Why milk? Because it's not only about share some foods without a care, but also caring of their nutritious, to make them more healthy maybe.

I felt this year event running more faster than last year, the homeless and the janitors are more easily to found. Don't know why, but I hope it wasn't because their numbers are increasing every year. Believe it or not, when we see their happy faces, we feel satisfied! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this charity.

Special thanks to the invited friends who join this event, 'Sosialitak Corporation' team: Mega, Henny, Valen, Janet, Indah, Ary, and Leto. Actually, I'm nothing without them, they're really helpful me a lot. We are 8 girls who make the street colorful that day! Thank you very much, guys. You're all awesome and totally rockin'!
And for somebody who can't join because of many reason, it's okay. Maybe someday if I could held some event anymore :)

We do believe that 'socialite peoples' are not about the people who doing regular gathering, shopping, or hanging out only, but doing social activities too. However, life isn't only about take, but also give and share even more and more. That's why we are 'Sosialitak Corporation'. LOL!

By the way, I got a little fancy surprise from them in some session. In the morning from Evi and Indah, who wake me up that day.

Sorry for the messy bedroom

And at the afternoon again by full team:

And from the tennis bestie, Ayuni:

Thankyouuu in advance, my bitches! It was so special, and you've made my day!
Love youuu <3 p="">
Thanks also for you who's giving me the birthday greetings by text, comment, and another social media. Can't reply one by one, but it was all fantastic wishes I've read.

Waaahh I'm feeling 22!
I could say it was such a successful simply mission. My besties are look more colorful, fashionable, more solidarity, and also caring with a social touch. My #colorful22 mission was accomplished!

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