Together We Grow!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Enjoyed my Eid Mubarak's holiday with a challenging activities. I had some workshops, games, and fun trip during 4 days camp. (homeless detected!)

Joined in "Together We Grow" with Mahasampatti at Jubileum area, Berastagi. August, 7th - 10th.
I already often join some event like this, and actually I didn't really enthusiast for. But I think it's better to brighten up my holiday than just staying at home. To learn something great experience and meet a lot of new friends. It's all about leadership, teamwork, and positive energy.

"Keep your egg like keeping your body!"

In the last day, we had outbound to Dua Warna waterfall. It took 4 hours walking up and down the dangerous forest track to reach the lake, so it become 9 hours non-stop tracking. Huahhh, what a tiring moment!

Beautiful lake, wonderful waterfall, and very nice view. Feeling down to earth, such a closer to the nature. But not comparable with our struggle along the trip. I think it was my first and the last experience. Enough! Maybe if somebody invite me to join tracking anymore, oh more! Hahahaa.

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