Orphanage Games!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Done did a simple charity for orphanage last Sunday! Located at Panti Asuhan Metta Padma, such a new Buddhist's orphanage.
Most of peoples in the team are my new friends, and this is my first experience work together with them. Gratefully, we did it in the solid team!

We distribute some foods, stationery, gifts, and education costs from the donators. This event more than just a bazaar, because we also made a few games and activities to entertain them. We realize that's important to make them happy, orphans usually lack of affection. So it's important to not only shared materials but also the happiness. And it works! In case between the committees and the orphanage children becomes more close.

Thanks to all participants... May their day become more colourful and the orphans could live happily ever after.
Hopefully I could join some social activities again later. May all beings happy :)

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