Red Rangers

Monday, June 04, 2012

Proudly posting my latest campus activities.

FKG USU presents: DENTOSEN (Dental Olahraga dan Seni), April 28th - June 3rd 2012.
Many sports and games are competed here.. Wow I love it, when dentistry meet sports!!
Red rangers!! For opening ceremony..

I think this event is success enough, but I'm not sure, I can't evaluate it all by myself. Because of some troubles happens.. Hhmmph, I'm a part of the crew, but I don't really understand about the management. Hahaha, you know guys, what kind of crew I am... :p

And here we go for the closing ceremony... We have the bazaar party and auto contest too! Damn, it's very amazing~

At the closing ceremony with my bitches: Me, Ary, Indah, Mega, and Henny..

Guess what I got from the bazaar?
A 'CHANEL' tattoo on my arm, from the Indian Hyena!!! I request the design to the tattoo graver.. Ah I just can't help falling love with it! Totally love.. ♥

Thanks for all committees, sponsors, and participates who have support this event.. We make a lot of fun!

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