National Match

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Joined the individual tournament last week.
"Tennis open tournament: Gubernur Sumatera Utara Cup", April 2nd - 8th at Kebun Bunga tennis court.
It's is a national level. Many national tennis players played in this tournament. Hosted by PELTI (Persatuan Lawn Tenis Indonesia). Divided into several categories, and I joined the senior class.

I played for single and double match. But unfortunately, I didn't get any tittles in this tournament :(
In single match, I can only be up to go to the main round. Maybe that's not my day.. So painful if you play by yourself, but you can't win it. But thankfully in tennis there's double match.
And for the double match, me and my partner pass into the quarter-final. Ya, not bad. We lost to the national players in quarters. But we've showed our best. It's OK, I didn't regret it.

It's such an experience and learning when we're competed by the national players. I have often followed the junior national tournament actually. But this was my first senior-national-tournament. More heavily, because of my age that's too old to join the juniors -_____-

And the most important is...

The dispensation letter!
Yes! it's very reasonable for skipped the college :D

NB: You can read some articles in Local Newspaper about this tournament. I'll give you some links:

Turnamen Tenis Piala Gubsu Gairahkan HUT ke 64 Provsu
Turnamen Tenis Piala Gubsu Perebutkan Hadiah Rp 125 Juta
Gubsu Berikan Apresiasi Kepada Atlet Tenis

Today is the final round. Stay tuned in Newspaper tomorrow to know who's the winners!

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