I'm 20

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I know it's kinda late. But better late than never..
Happy 20th birthday to me!

This year, I got two birthday cakes from my besties at campus and from tennis club. Had a great surprise also! Thank you for the cakes, and for the gift too! It's gorgeous, I love it much ♡
Thanks also for the birthday greetings and wishes to all of you who send me by SMS, facebook, twitter, BBM, and for the directly.
Once again, thankieeesss to all of you guys, you made my day! I feel beloved..

I realize, have two-headed in my age is mean losing my 'teens'. I'm not a girl anymore, I'm a woman! Yes it is. Oke I'm 20 years old now. Older, more mature and wiser absolutely. But I still dangerous, rockin', and I'll be forever young. Yeaahh!

--->>> Hopefully, I can meet March 27th again next year..

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  1. happy birthday dear, wish you always showering with love ^^

  2. kunjungan gan.,.
    bagi" motivasi.,.
    Tuhan lebih tau segala hal daripada kita.,.
    di tunggu kunjungan balik.na gan.,.,


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