Move frequently

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Return back to the Medan, a town which is full of challenges.
For me, Bandarlampung or Medan is the same, both of them has their own fun.. It's not about choosing my first or second home. But it's depend on how we can feel the situation. Isn't it? 

Time was running very fast. I still miss my family, actually. Along these days, I spend my time with them. And I'll need a longer time to get used without them again. Huh! Adaptation makes me bored. But the another thing that annoyed me is...packing! Yes, packing makes me busy. I feel like to be 'nomaden', because I have to move frequently like this :p What a destiny! 

My campus activities start on February 23rd, delayed a week than a predetermined time before. But it's ok I think. Because it means I'll have plenty of time to relax :D
Wah I just can't wait to have some plans with a lot of friends in Medan, while waiting for the new semester!

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