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Friday, February 03, 2012

The 13th IMT-GT (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand - Growth Triangle) Varsity Carnival
November 24th - 30th, 2011
at Unimed, North Sumatera.. 
I know it's too late.. But I had been trying to collect these pictures.

I join tennis team again for USU. Played for double and single.. USU's women tennis team consist of 5 players, they are: Me (Dresiani Mareti), Winda Pradiastuti, Gina Radiana, Ayuni Nurul, and Nindya Caesy Aidita.
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Maybe it will be boring, because you'll see too many photos :p Scroll down please..

It's a great experience to us. Play in the team is not the same as you join the individual tournament. In case, we all not only play for our self. But also for the team, in the name of campus, moreover for our country, Indonesia.. When we lost, it feels something like very disappointing.  Seriously. It's a very heavy burden.So we tried to do our best.

But finally, we are, the women team, got the 2nd place, that means got the silver medal. And the men team are the winner, means got the gold medal! We're totally rock!
So we go up to the podium together at the Closing Ceremony Night. Ahh soooo sweet :D

More pictures on my FB photo album..
Thanks for keep supporting Indonesian team :D

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