Pajamas's Party

Friday, January 13, 2012

Exam week is over. And now, we're just waiting for the results..
Have some days to relax. There are many ways to breaking all our stress. So we are the girls who-were-born-to-party-but-forced-to-study (Dress, Mega, Evi, Ary, Henny, Indah), doing some fun. It's pajamas's party time! LOL :D

The fact that I realize is... we are the good gossipers! Seriously. What is the normally done if some girls had gathered? We had some gossips all night long, watched movie, ate some snacks, and also played UNO until mid night. We provide wet powder for the losers... wakkksss!
The players are:

Yeah! And the winner is... ME!

It wasn't like a real pajamas's party actually, because some of us haven't pajamas, including me :p
Hahaha, I never wear pajamas when I sleep. I prefer to wear the big shirt and sporty short. Just simply.
Ohya it more looks not like a party, because before 1 o'clock my friends were already fallen asleep. Very very good guys! And I was the only one who still awake with my insomniac! Damn it.

Also had more times to went around the mall, and watched in cinema...

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