The Kitty come to The Party!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

What the Halloween means for you?
Some people celebrate it by the party in the town all night long, scary other people as they can, or just play the game: Trick or Treat! Even, many people didn't celebrate it also, they pass the Halloween Night as usual day.

Same as last year, I celebrate the Halloween Night with my friends: Indah, Ary, Mega, Evi, and Susan, in ISTP (Institut Sains dan Teknologi Pardede) Campus again.

If on the last year, I wore the 'Madame of Soothsayer' theme, so this year I wear the 'CAT' costume. There's a lil bit different between my style this year and last year. This year, I focus on my face, on makeup. Clothes? Not really support it. Just wear the black to show that I'm a 'mysterious kitty'. Hhehee..
By the way, I made the cat's ear by myself. From the headband, the cardboard, and black marker. Good enough? Meow meow meow!

Oke, I'm not cruel enough. I just....too cute! :p
Visited the ghost house and saw the bazaar there. Not really scary, because we feel that the scene is the same as last year.
A little boring when we should queue in the crowded arena... :(

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