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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Kathina is one of the religious feast of Buddhist. Something like a giving day to the monks. But still focused in pray together, read the Paritta and Dhammapada (the holy books), the sermon, and also blessing.

This year, I celebrate Kathina at Crystal Royal Ballroom, Yanglim Plaza, Medan. On last Monday, November 6th 2011. It's an event organized by Vihara Mahasampatti. I help them as one of committee, to maintain the PATRIA's booth.

There are 12 monks, plus hundreds of people join this event.

I didn't expect that participants who come to this much. Really! Very crowded. I never guess that buddhism in Medan are enthusiastic to support this event. The ballroom is full of the prayers. So excited!

Giving is a commendable actions, for our better life. By giving, expected us learn how to break away from the craving. Giving isn't always in the form of matter, but also energy, motivation, and prayer. And surely, after giving sincerely, we'll feel more calm and willing.. Hope we can release the lusts :)

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