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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's on your mind when you hear the word 'CASINO'?
Poker? The gamblers? Jackpot? Or... James Bond (in the movie Casino Royal)?

A friend ever told me that she really wanted to see how the atmosphere of a real gambling, like in Las Vegas or Macau. Yes, both of those city are the Gambling Town, where the Casino is everywhere, and the gambling games are legal. Many peoples from all over want to go there just to try to gamble! Yes, I think they are very very addicted by gambling!

In this post, I want to share my little knowledge about Casino. Just a little of course, because I'm not really a gambler :p
I choose to share the casino in Macau. I went there on the last holiday with my family. And do you know? It's very amazed me!

Macau town is full of big casinos. Casino wasn't as I and you imagined before. First, I thought that it's a dark place, full of alcoholic and drunken. In case, my thought was wrong! Casino is a bright place, colourful, luxury, glamour, fragrant, and many people who came up with the neat and nice clothes. Glance looks like a mall, but actually not. More than just a mall! Imagine in one build, you can find the mall, hotel, food court, restaurant, and casino area. Yah that's CASINO building!

You should 18+ to enter the casino. It's a must! You can't lie at them, because there's a guard will notice you, whether you're old enough or haven't. In there, you can find many games that you can play. Something like poker, dice twist, big/small, jackpot machine, etc. It doesn't matter if you don't understand anyone game. (Hhaha, it's oke, you are not alone guys, because many people don't understand too!) What you have to do is just standing in front of the game table and pay attention to the game. I'm sure after looking for a few minutes, you will understand how to play the games!

The gamblers are usually really entertained by the casino. They given the snacks and beverages, even breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Open 24 hours, full of service. Of course it's the casino's trick to attract the visitors to gamble more.

I recommend 'The Venetian' Casino in Macau, the biggest and luxurious in town. Many foreigner come there every years. When you're in The Venetian, you feel like in Old Europe era! Trust me. Check the pic of The Venetian below:

PS: Gambling is not a good thing. If you only see once in a while, it's okay to add insight. But I suggest don't play if you don't want to run out of your money!

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