The Impermanence

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sometimes we need to recognize the impermanence in this life. Everything changed, everyone also. Whatever all your efforts that you can do to maintain it, you'll never be. This is the reality which can not be avoided.

If I flashback, I found many friends that I've ever known before, but now we never contact anymore. It's okay if they're just a glance through my memory, they simply passed. But how about if they're really my besties, the peoples whom I love? Of course, it's not easy to forget them. Need a long time to get over it :(

Suppose that someday I'll meet them again. Yess, we have surprised! We feel finding someone who has been lost during this time. But hey, be aware! They're not the same anymore. Yah it's because everything have changed, no longer the same as you see it first. Isn't it?

So I just thinking, why we're all met up if in the end we'll split up?
Why we can't be together forever?
Why do we still expect the meeting if we know there will be a separation?
Why? Why? Why?
Yah the answer is the only one, that's we called LIFE.
Life is not as simple as you said, not as easy as you thought. But the whole life is just... sorrow. Yah, the sorrow has a greater role in this life than happiness.
It doesn't mean that I regret being born into this world, no! But I just  realize you guys, about impermanence. However, we have to learn to let go. Never bound by a state, because everything is impermanent. So, better just enjoy the moment :)

--->>> LIFE = Sorrow

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