Bukber and The SALTers

Friday, August 26, 2011

I ever told that I'm not a fanatic. I always open my mind to see the differences culture, race, and religion in this world. I have so many friends who also varied.

In this fasting month, sometimes, I join 'Bukber - Buka Bersama'. It's an event to break fasting together with our friends. I often join it, although I'm not a muslim. Because, I try to respect my other religious friends.
With my high school friends in Fransiba and SDB, then with my tennis friends too. Yah, just enjoy the moment. They also invited me to share the Ta'jil on the road. But poor me, I can't join them that time :(

And yesterday, we have a nice break fasting (BukBer) with my SHS alumni. No, the name isn't SDBluni anymore, but at once, we are also launching the name of our alumni... That's SALT (SDB Alumni Troops) on August 25th. Yes, we are SALTers! And we're all proud of it.

designed poster by @nindagistia
name idea: @saeyori
chairman: @ardhihiang
secretary: @ogtaria

Hope this will becomes a regular event every year. Amen!
Sorry, I haven't any pics yet :p

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