LF 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Attended the Lampung Fair 2011 with my sister, @LikeSplendya, just 2 of us. At PKOR area on last Monday night. Still very crowded although it has been held since 1 week ago. Many peoples come in!
This event is such as the public festival. Something like business expo, food expo, book fair, exhibition, cultural and arts, automotive contest, band contest, show performance, and many more. It will be held until July 18th. So if you haven't come yet, still have time to visit.

The tickets
You have to buy the ticket to enter the LF area, only Rp 5000 for one person.

 That was behind me is 'SIGER' symbol, the distinctive Lampung's symbol.
Usually, Siger worn on the head of the bride.

The main stage
See that Siger is everywhere!

Miniature of the government offices in one district

Maybe tomorrow I'll go there again with my Mom and also asking our maids to join. Yah sometimes they need to entertainment too :)

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