Wall of Fame

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I think it’s better if the wall full of expression, not just plain. I often see the modern art, something like graffiti or pop art. Actually I want to make my room like that, but I can’t draw the graffiti, even I don’t have any poster or wallpaper.
So I thought, why don't I make it by myself? Absolutely, I make my own wall of fame by the posters that I got from the old magazine and advertisement brochure. I cutted it, modified, and beautified it in such a way. And this is it!

 I became crazy to take pictures with it!

I named it "Famous Dress". It means, this wall is a special place for me to 'ngeksis' a.k.a taking pictures :p. Someday, I’ll make my wall full of photograph. Sounds very attractive right?

PS: I'm very disappointed, because there are a few of my holiday plans had to be canceled. Huh, what a bad news! Even though, I'd been planning it since last year. Huuuaaaa, so hurt! I'll tell you someday :(

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