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Friday, June 10, 2011

Want to share these photos of my holiday last week. 5 days in Jakarta. Beside of attended my Grandma's birthday party, I didn't go around too much, just in a few place, only if my aunts invited me to join them to go around. While over there, it seems nothing that I can do except eat, eat, and eat! I don't care about my body looks bigger now.

By the way, you will not see my biological families here, because they had gone home first already to Lampung. Therefore, I stayed alone in my Grandma's home with my aunts and my cousins. Hmmph, all of my cousins are still the children. So, when I play with them, I felt that I'm very old! Hhahhaa.
Enjoy the pics! Hopefully you're not tired of seeing too many photos of me :p

at Mall of Indonesia with my aunts and cousins. Junk food again!

We also visited the cemetery too!
Visited the cemetery of my Grandpa, Great-grandma, and my Grandma's sister. Three at once, because their cemeteries are near each other.

Hopefully they are happy in heaven.

The last day, played with the water, called swim!
We swam at the night. Well, I always love swimming in the night. When at night, the swimming pool was quite and peaceful with the dim lighting. I also love to see the lamp in the darkness, feel so romantic. It was cool!

Yess, I look like a sailor girl!

Oke, these all my holiday reports. It doesn't feel that next week is time for the exam week . Woww, can't wait for my long holiday actually. But I haven't ready for the exam, and I think that I never ready for this. Yeah, the examination always makes me scary. Huahhh, just wish me luck guys! And wish the luckiest too for all of you who are facing the exams!

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