Out of the town

Got the holiday for 1 week! Huahh, finally I can get out from this saturate routines. So, where I would to go? Hhaha, it's still a secret :p, just wait guys...
See you soon!


4 in 1 Social Service

Hellooooo, I come back with a news of social event that I attended last Sunday.
This social event is held by PATRIA Organization, for the village populations at Hamparan Perak Village I-VIII. As I ever told you before, that the mass treatment and health education will be held this month, on May. And here it is!

The activities are included: Hygiene & Health Counseling, Treatment by General Doctors, Dental Treatment, and Distribution of Food packages.
Yes, all 4 in 1 social service!

The location was still very rural
Ocean of human! Around 400 peoples join this.
Hmpph, oke! My face was very very ugly here. I was grim. so heavy?
The staple foods for distribution
The dentists team
The solid team
Penguin doll and the teeth brush from the sponsor (Bank Ekonomi & Pepsodent), for the children who are not afraid to check their teeth! Chubby right?
 Photographers by: Hardy Chen and Adhi Pratama Halim

By following this activity, providing many lessons and valueable experience for me. I saw still a lot of peoples around us who are not as lucky as us. They can't eat the delicious food everyday, and even haven't the fees for health treatment for their families.
And I saw how the doctors and dentists team serve them with sincerity and love. The point is, trying to learn to appreciate life more.

We were very tired actually. But I'm happy become a social worker like this. I hope I can join the social activities again in another time. When I saw their smiles after that, are the best part. Yeah, Smile, Healthy, and Happy are ours together!

PS: Thanks for all donators, sponsors, participants, and the solid team. So this event can be very successful! Hopefully could be useful for all of us.

Puja rituals

Still in the atmosphere of Vesakh Month, so I'll post about 'puja' event on Vesakh Day, May 17th 2011, at Vihara Mahasampatti.
Actually, the rituals start from the morning until night. But, I just join at the night ritual: The seconds of Vesakh's reflection, Amisa puja and Dhammadesana by Y.M. Bhikkhu Candaviro & Y.M. Bhikkhu Indaguno, and also Padakkhina. As you know, Padakkhina is a buddhism ritual, where we have to walk around the temple. When walk around, we also bring the myrrh and flower as a symbol of honor.

The altar
Amisa Puja
Padakkhina ritual
All crew of Vesakha Puja

Peace is the light of truth!

Vesakh 2555 BE celebration

Just had a time to update this blog, hmmmph it was already a week ago since my last post. Oke, we start from:
Happy Vesakha 2555 BE!
Hopefully all living beings be happy.

A little late, but at least better late than never. Hhahaaa.

I always love the celebration of vesakh. When the candles and lantern glow in the dark. I feel something like... peaceful. Yess peaceful!
By the way, I see in Medan, vesakh celebrated with more enthusiasm. Almost every week in a month, there's Vesakh celebration anywhere. Full month of celebration!

I was celebrate it in some place, like in: ITBC (Indonesian Theravada Buddhist Center), Vihara Mahasampatti, to prayed and did some puja rituals.
Also in KMB USU: "Vegetarian Festival", to celebrate it and have some fun.
But unfortunately, I haven't any photos of them. Just photos in KMB, so I want to share here:

Played in KMB's vesakh drama
Wear this Indian Sari outfit. Hhaha, what do you think?
And have some fun with Janet, Fany, Vinny, Dency, and Henny!
Our 'wishing lampion'
Glow in the night. Bye bye lampion!

See my hair on these photos? Very very bad hair day, because of the hairspray that I used for drama. Huahhh!

PS: Had many activities and event on this month. So busy! The another activities maybe I'll share later :)

Please give me just one day to relax!

"Gak ada kegiatan gue bosen. Tapi kebanyakan kegiatan juga modar!"
Sekali-kali, gue pengen juga curhat tentang kehidupan gue yang ampun-ampunan gila nya ini. Sumpah deh ya, kalo satu hari itu cuma ada 24 jam, gue pengen bisa lebih daripada cuma 24. Coba sih, bisa nggak dijadiin 27 atau 30 jam gitu dalam satu hari?

Bukannya gue sok sibuk, bukan juga karena gue anak yg sok aktif, sok lincah, dll. Tapi kayaknya memang gue butuh waktu buat tenang paling gak satu hari aja. Seharian ngurung diri di kos, buat tidur, buat makan, buat nonton TV, buat baca-baca majalah sepuasnya. Juga tanpa disibukin sama kegiatan ini-itu, organisasi ini-itu. Huahhh, give me that day please!

Oke, saat ini gue berstatus mahasiswi yg tergabung di beberapa organisasi kampus dan non-kampus. Sibuk kuliah di hari Senin-Sabtu, ditambah kegiatan-kegiatan ekstra di hari Minggu nya. Pagi-sore belajar di kampus, ditambah rapat apa-apa lagi pulang nya. Bahkan di hari libur pun, ada aja yg nge-SMS buat rapat ini lah itu lah. And they are really drive me CRAZY! Jadi, ini daftar organisasi gue dan kegiatan-kegiatannya ke depan: (mungkin maksudnya sekalian mau promosi kegiatan)
- Tim putri UKM Tennis USU, persiapan untuk IMT-GT berikutnya, yg mungkin ada sekitar bulan November (tapi latihan nya dari sekarang!)
- KMB (Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhis) USU, sebagai pengisi acara dalam drama Festival Waisak tanggal 21 Mei ntar
- Relawan tetap di UBK saHIVa angkatan 26 narkoba, kebagian job nge-MC di acara MRAN (Malam Renungan AIDS Nusantara) 16 Mei malem
- Anggota PATRIA Medan, sebagai sekretaris acara Baksos tanggal 22 Mei ntar, juga bantu-bantu di puja waisak tanggal 17 Mei
- Juga jadwal kampus yg padat dari Senin-Sabtu, pagi-sore.
- Dan kegiatan-kegiatan lain dalam rangka menjaga kesehatan, kayak renang, lari di stadion, dll. yg targetnya sih minimal dilakukan 3x seminggu.
- Serta kegiatan shopping mingguan, udah kayak ibu-ibu rumah tangga
Ngeliat nya jadi PENGEN MUNTAH!
Gue butuh liburan!

Awalnya sih gue aktif di organisasi buat nambah-nambah kerjaan aja, nambah pengalaman, ikut kegiatan-kegiatan yg seru. Dan sebenernya sih, gue memang tertarik ikutan kegiatan-kegiatan sosial dan olahraga. Tapi, kalo udah kebanyakan acara gini, sumpah capek mampus! Ternyata, jadi mahasiswa kupu-kupu (kuliah-pulang-kuliah-pulang) jauh lebih asik daripada jadi mahasiswa kura-kura (kuliah-rapat-kuliah-rapat).
Sejauh ini sih ya, gue masih bisa ngikutin semua nya, tanpa nge-ganggu jadwal kuliah dan fisik. Ngatur waktu nya aja lah yg kadang bikin bingung. Menjaga kondisi tetap sehat terutama. Walaupun kadang kalo malem baru berasa capeknya. In case, kadang gue nulis blog juga udah malem banget sambil ngantuk-ngantuk. Itu sebabnya kenapa beberapa hari ini gue jadi jarang ng-update blog. Harap maklum aja lah ya.

--->>> Yah, kayaknya gue memang lebih butuh agenda deh daripada diary online! Ada yg mau ngasih saya buku agenda gaaak?

Scandinavian Folklore

Suddenly, I'm interested in Scandinavian Folklore. Scandinavia are include: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and also Denmark. When I was child, I often heard some characters of the Scandinavian myth. I also often read some Astrid Lindgren's (a Swedish author) book, something like: The Pippi Longstocking series, Emil of Lönneberga series, The Six Bullerby Children series, Madicken and Lisabeth, Lotta, Karlsson-on-the-Roof, etc. Most of them are tell us about the naughty child who always full of tricks. And believe me, they're very nice to read.

Oke, back to the folklore. Especially for the forest story. Forest always makes me interested in, there's such a mysterious and terror in the forest. Even, I ever thought about camping in the forest, around the green grass and the shade trees. Wow, it seems very funtastic!
I've searched the characters of their mythology on the internet yesterday (and you know, my comp got the virus! great.). Here they are :

1. Odin
is the leader of the Gods.

2. Troll
The wild giants creature. Usually, they live in the deep and dark caves or in the soil.

3. Trollkjerringer or trollkonor
The troll’s wife who possesses magical powers. They greatly resemble their ugly troll husbands.

4. Huldra
The forest woman, a dangerous seductress who incited the men to enter the forest and push them to marry her. Sometimes she looks very beautiful, but in another time she looks very ugly.

5. Näck/Näkki/Nøkk/Nøkken or Fosse-Grim
The male water spirits who played enchanted songs on the violin, luring women and children to drown in lakes or streams. Näck was also an omen for drowning accidents. He would scream at a particular spot in a lake or river.

6. Bäckahäst
The majestic white horse that would appear near rivers. Anyone who climbed onto its back would not be able to get off again. The horse would then jump into the river, drowning the rider.

7. And there are also another characters, like mermaids, gnome, nymph, fairies, dragons, witches, etc.

Then, see these folklore painting collections. Made by the very gorgeous Scandinavian artists since hundred years ago:
Titta på dem, sade trollmor. Titta på mina söner! Vackrare troll finns inte på denna sidan månen.
(Look at them, troll mother said. Look at my sons! You won't find more beautiful trolls on this side of the moon.)
Artist: John Bauer
God kväll, farbror! Hälsade pojken
(Good evening, old man! the boy greeted)
Artist: John Bauer
The Nix as a brook horse, a depiction as a white horse
Artist: Theodor Kittelsen
The Water-Sprite and Ägir's Daughters
Artist: Nils Blommér
Freja sökande sin make
(Freja Seeking her Husband)
Artist: Nils Blommér
Any others? The folk from England, Germany, Holand, or Greece maybe? I always like to read the folk tales from each country in this world.

Penampilan, metroseksual, dan professionalitas

"Don't judge the book by it's cover"
Jangan menilai orang dari tampilan luarnya aja. Kata orang, penampilan luar itu gak penting. Setuju apa nggak?

Oke, gini deh. Misalnya ada dua orang:
a. Cantik/ganteng, tapi gak bisa bergaya
b. Biasa aja, tapi gaya nya keren
Pilih yang mana?

Coba kalo ada pilihan yg c. cakep/ganteng dan keren, gue sih mau milih itu aja! Hhaha, tapi gak ada sih.
Gue sendiri lebih milih yang B.
Kadang, kecakepan orang itu gak ngejamin gimana sense nya dia. Percuma punya wajah cakep, tapi gak tau gimana caranya merapikan diri.
Gue sih lebih suka ngeliat cewek/cowok yg peduli penampilan. Walaupun kata orang laki-laki gentle itu gak usah terlalu peduli sama penampilannya. Cowok metroseksual, sebutannya. Tapi menurut gue, cowok metroseksual jauuuuh lebih oke daripada cowok jorok, bau, dan urakan.

Contoh fashion icon pria yg gue maksud adalah:
Bobby Raffin
Adam Gallagher
So, emang kenapa kalo cowok pake syal? Emang kenapa kalo cowok bawa handbag?
Bobby R. gak begitu cakep sebenernya, tapi dia bisa mengkondisikan gimana dia jadi keren banget.
Kalo Adam G., emang the perfecto banget tuh! Dia cakep dan keren.
Bagaimana seseorang mengkombinasikan penampilannya supaya terlihat menarik, disitulah letak seni nya! Dari situ lah kreativitas seseorang itu dilihat.

Sekarang ini, udah gak jaman berpenampilan urakan semau-mau gue. Walaupun ada beberapa orang yg berlagak sederhana katanya, dengan berpenampilan biasa-biasa aja. Boleh aja berpenampilan sederhana, tapi yg penting tetep ngejaga wibawa dan harus disesuaikan sama tempat dong. Masa iya, mau ke pesta pake piyama? Masa iya mau ke kantor pake celana pendek? Kalo dirumah sih boleh-boleh aja ya. Sederhana kan bukan berarti gak tau aturan.

Walaupun memang, kecakepan alami itu gak bakal luntur. Tapi sebagai manusia (gak usah munafik), pasti kalo ketemu orang baru, pertama kali bakal menilai dari tampilan luar dulu. Iya gak sih? Orang dengan gaya yg keren, walaupun wajahnya biasa aja, pasti bakal terlihat lebih 'wah'.
Well, penilaian seseorang memang bukan sepenuhnya dari penampilan aja. Tapi gimana pun juga, penampilan itu menunjukkan professionalitas.

Contohnya deh, kayak kebanyakan designer-designer. Mungkin sebagian orang mikir kalo para designer atau fashion stylist pria agak 'melambai' dan kurang gentle. Hmmph, sebenernya sih gak juga. Tapi karena cara berpakaiannya yg terlalu modis, jadi kesannya begitu. Ya gimana lah, tuntutan profesi sih. Pernah berpikir gak, gimana kalo para designer pria tersebut cuma berpakaian seadanya, maksudnya cuma pake jeans belel sama kaos gombor gitu. Professionalitas nya pasti langsung diragukan!
Juga berlaku buat para pekerja profesi yg lain: businessman, artis, motivator, dokter, guru, pengacara, musisi, daaan lain-lain.

Jadi, kalo kalian bercita-cita menjadi para executive yg punya professionalitas nantinya, dari sekarang belajar lah untuk lebih peduli sama penampilan. Karena seberapa kecil pun pengaruhnya, penampilan menunjukkan wibawa dan kharisma orang tersebut. Yah kecuali kalo cita-citanya cuma mau jadi seniman asal-asalan. Silakan aja berpenampilan ngasal. Seniman yg berkualitas juga gak ngasal-ngasal amat deh kayaknya.

--->>> The last, kita cuma bisa berusaha berpenampilan baik. Tapi gimana pun juga, inner beauty lah yg menentukan kemudian. So, keep your perfect beauty by 3B+1H: Brain, beauty, behavior, and heart!

The main goal is

Block exam week!
Now I've got used to face the exam, 4 times in each semester. Wah seriously, it drives me crazy! This is the third exam, just need to wait a month for the last one, and then holidays! Huahhh can't wait.

In order to welcome the holy day of Vesakh Day, for a month there's SPD (Sebulan Penghayatan Dhamma) event in Vihara Mahasampatti. Everyday for a month, with the different speakers. But I just come occasionally, can't come everyday. Sometimes, listening the sermons make our soul becomes calm and peaceful.

By the way, actually I want to join this event:

Where all Buddhist in this town celebrate the Vesakh Day together at Lapangan Merdeka, Medan. I've already registered to be a "Dhamma Worker" actually. Buuut, because of this week is my exam schedule, so I can't join that. Huh!

It seems I have to keep my positive thought. Remember what my friend, Ridho, said,
"Dress, your parents send you from Lampung that so far away to here, Medan, aim to learn right? Not only for playing."
Yeah, he's right! Although in a learn, we have to socializing and keep religious too. But, the main goal is to study, to achieve the bachelor degree. I must remember that. Hmmph, focus for studying!

>--->>> Make the priority is the wisest thing!