Flood flood!

Friday, April 01, 2011

The very heavy raining from yesterday. And because of that, today we get the trouble at USU Campus:

Photo from Raja
Photo from Ci Anita
Photo from Kak Karin

If you want to know, this is my first time see the flood. Hahhaa, speechless!
From gate 1 of USU until gate 4, all flooded. At the shortcut, the back way, also very crowded and jammed! They call it USUnami.
Many students who have come into campus, finally must go back home again because there isn't lecture. Flooding means a holiday. Hehhee, I love it actually. But I also feel pity for many peoples around USU who can't go anywhere because of the flood. Some friends also flooded in their house.

And now, raining has come again whereas the flood hasn't subsided yet. Do you guess that can we go to campus tomorrow or not?

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