Crazy UNO

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The uncertainty schedule of lecture make the students tired, because we should waiting the lecturer all day long. As you know, sometimes the lecturer didn't come into the class. Therefore, we must be smart using the time.
Girl's Time again! And these images show how we spend that time while waiting for the lecture:

Location : My boarding house (Horniman House)
Model : Henny, Dress, Fany, Valen, Indah, Mega, Mery
Camera : Nokia X5

We played UNO Card! It's already long time ago since I was playing this card at Senior High School before. Can not be classified as gambling, but this is the only way to kill the time from the boredom. The losers were given the powder, like "kucing garong"! Hehheee :)

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