Between two options

Monday, April 18, 2011

If you face a complicated problem and you get the dilemma. Even just two options for you to choose. Between:

a. Still persist because of tradition
b. Fighting for the conscience

So, which one would you choose?

I prefer to choose the 'A' one. Oke, I know that it seems very old-fashioned mind. Do you know, why I don't keep up my conscience?

Well, not as simple as that. To face any problems, we have to consider first before decided. Don't let the decision was disappointing the others. We have to make a priority.
We should realize that not only ourselves who live in this world. We have families, we have friends, and all peoples around. So, should we still concerned with our own conscience only?

For me, as a young generation, we should keep the tradition than fighting to keep our conscience. The tradition is involving our families. It's about our ancestor! Or do you want to be faithless?
Not only for respect, but try to love it from the inside. What you have to do is learn about our tradition first, then you will love it. Trust me, it works!

About the conscience, I think it's only about the habit. We just need the time to get used to. Because, the conscience is not always true. Making the wise decision is all that matters!

PS: This post is made by me, so it's my thought. But, how about you? Do you think the same?

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