New Hairstyle

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Had a haircut yesterday. Actually I have it cut for the 2nd times, because it had failed on the previous.
I learned something because of it,
Not always the expensive salon better quality than a cheap salon!

Yes, because I have experienced on it yesterday. In 'The very expensive salon', they cut my hair to be like the aunties! Especially, the barber is transvestite. Hmmph, besides I feel comfortable talking with the barber, nothing special. I even know that they're expensive at all when I want to pay. Huahh bankrupt!

So, on the next day, I went to another 'cheaper salon'. And I'm so statisfied with the result, because they make my hair look more funky! Hhahaha :)

So, what do you think? Which one do you like, the old or the new one?

My friends have different opinions about this. Maybe they're shocked? You know, when I come to my class today, they clapping noise! While there are the lecture teaching in front of the class. Crazy!

Some people said that I look fresher in the new one, look like a Korean girl. Hhahaa, actually I never like everything about Korean something like Korean Drama, Korean artists, Korean songs, Korean style, etc. But in occasionally, it's ok if I'll try their style.
But some people also said that I look boyish in this side, and they like the old one. Yah, it's according to you, guys.

But I prefer to choose the new one!
Because in my new, I think it more simple, slight and easy. Even, I can go out without combing first! Do you know, like a messy hair. Hehhee, cool isn't?

--->>> Well, it's not important how my hair style is. The important thing is me! Because, I still look very cool in every style, whatever it is! Hhahhaa.

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