A letter to heaven

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pho-pho, Lie Hap Cho (1930-2011)

To: My Dearest Grandmother (RIP)

Dear Grandma,
I still remember when I was a child, you treat me with patience.
You teach me how to respect an old woman like you.
I was a naughty girl yesterday, and now I was growing up. But I will not forget all our memories.

I remember when we used to watch the soap operas. Yes, you like it very much!
And you always sit on the floor, you said that sitting there was cool.
I didn't understand before. Many overstuffed sofas, but why did you choose to sit on the floor?
But now, I understand what it means, it showed that you are modest!

I realize that during your life, I rarely happy you.
Maybe I'm your most lawless granddaughter, even I rarely see you lately.
I never give you the spirit, the smile, or love between a granddaughter and her grandma.
Sometimes, I'm ashamed of myself.
All of us are care of you, but why can't I?
Why I never to care you? Until that death comes to you.

I regretted not being able to come to your funeral, to give final tribute to you. I entrusted this letter for you.
Hopefully you calm down and be happier there.
I owe you love.

With all due respect and love,


Your naughty granddaughter
Dresiani Mareti

PS: Today is my grandmother's funeral. Please pray for her [-O<

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