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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I rarely go home earlier from the campus. Usually, we go home until 4 pm because of practicum, lecture, etc. Very busy student! But today, I'm very surprise because I haven't the practicum, so I can go hang out around!

I go to Sun Plaza (If you want to know, Sun Plaza is one of the largest mall in Medan) with Valentine Purba and 'her friends'. Why do I say 'her friends'? Hhahaa, because... (Hmmph, tell or not ya? Hhahaa, just don't!) Ya, there's something not expected. You don't need to know what is that.

Oke, believe it or not, we agree that nothing can be done at the mall besides eating, shopping, or just watching the movies right? Yess, and just like that we have to do. We watch this movie:

Public Enemy Number One

This movie tells about the life of a French villain, who kill peoples, escape from the prison, and all semblance of crimes. It's a unattractive movie I think. And seriously, I don't really understand about the storyline. Something like the vintage setting. Also the actors are not handsome enough, hahhaa! Never mind, let's not be discussed.
The theater is very quite, there are only 5 peoples there included us. (So we feel like in our own theater! hhaha.) I don't know whether the timing isn't right or because the movie isn't good enough.

Then we eat and eat again at Es Teller 77 and PiHu, sooo replete!

--->>> And I feel surprised again when I realize that tomorrow I just have a practicum on 13.30, there isn't the lecture! Yeeiiy... don't be jealous!
And thanks for reading this unimportant post :)

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