Happy CNY 2011!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2562 to all of you!
Today we celebrate it, full of wishes.

This is my new outfit, Red shirt and shawl.
Do you like it?

This is my first CNY in Medan, far from my families. I'm not able to go home or go to my Grandma's house in Jakarta this year, because I have the practicum tomorrow and tomorrow again. As you know, we have to attend 100% of all practicums.

Yah actually I feel alone, but many activities today made me forget about that. I realize that I need to busy, so I make it busy! I cleaned up my boarding house yesterday, freshened up myself of course, and create my own CNY atmosphere. Well, you need to be creative if you are a foreigner.

I miss my families, so much! They're in Jakarta now, all of my big family are there, and it makes me envy! Huahhhh. I've already call them this morning to say,
"Gong Xi Fat Chai, Xin nian khuai le"

So, I just go to Vihara Mahasampatti to pray. After that, with my friend, Indah, we go to Mega's house. Taste a lot of cookies and drink. Hhaha, sorry Meg! Then, because of her house is near from Thamrin Plaza, so we visit that mall too.

I also visit my aunt's house. Not really my aunt, but she's still my family, a lil bit far family something like that. She doesn't celebrate the CNY actually, but I just visit to respect her.

I know that many of you also celebrate this day without your families around. Well, I really understand how it feel. Sometimes we feel sad, quite, and lonely right? But you don't need to be sad guys, because not only you who feel it. Me also! And many peoples around the world feel it too. Just be positive thinking, that we are INDEPENDENT! To face this life, we don't need to be fragile. We are not afraid to be lonely! Is it OK for you?

--->>> So, let's make this rabbit's year fully of joy, fun, and happiness!

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