Fashion is art, no rules!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Fashion is no rules!"
- Diana Caitilin -
It feels so sucks if I dressed up in the morning before go to campus, but I don't receive the good response from anyone else. Even they thought that I'm weird in my outfit! Huhh!

I was tired of hearing all those complaints about me. They always and always comment on me. Some people who know-it-on the style give me more advice, bla bla and bla... Boy friends are laughing when they looked at me. Hey, what do you know about it?

I don't know what they like. Sometimes when I choose 'the gembel' style, then they like it. Hhahaa, yes! They like 'the gembel' style. It's something like blue jeans, neat shirt or t-shirt. Whereas in fact, I like my girlie style, when I wear skirt and the colourful socks. Hmmph, not really girlie, sometimes I like in tomboy style too.
Guys, don't judge me by the outfit that I wear, because it's my mood's work. My real personality is not necessarily the same as that.

One thing that you need to know about fashion is fashion is art.
We can do anything in fashion and make it as creative as possible. Well, no matter it's weird or not. Because the most important thing is how you make your style different from the others, how to make it unique on your way. Don't care about other people's opinions. They don't know anything!

--->>> The last, you don't have to humble a person's sense of fashion. Try to respect what they wear, and don't be fussy and pretentious advise.

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