Meet the naughty's

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hang out together with my Junior High School's friends: Yulia Indriani, Jecklin Angelina Manopo, Catherine Febrina and also my best friend ever, Meliana Stansyah! Gossips, eat, and sing some songs at Inviz Karaoke.

They reminded me of my naughtiness in JHS, when we were still the naughty little girls. The civilian girls! Hahaa, I really miss that moment. Nowadays, we are pupils, become adults, and can't do some naughtiness like past anymore. Yahhh!

I know this is my last day at Lampung, tomorrow I must go back to Medan again. Tonight I want to packing, packing, and packing. Huahhh, so lazy! But today, I have a nice day with them. Thank you guys! Thanks also for all of you who accompanied me when I'm here (Lampung). You are very kind! Bye, see you 5-6 months later if I come back for my next holiday.

For my Medan friends, wait for me or my call tomorrow. I need your help to fill my KRS form. Really, I don't know what I have to do to take care of it. Hahhaaa.

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