Tired, sleepy, headache, lazy.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tired, sleepy, headache, and lazy.
Yes, that's all I feel now. I'm here, Medan, arrived this afternoon. Back to my boarding house again, and I found it's very very dirty, a lot of cobwebs and dust! Of course, more or less it's about 1 month I leave it. Hhahaa, so neglected, pity of it!
Oke, this time to be autonomous, independent!
No more spoiled,
no more glamorous,
no more lazy,
no more complain.
Now, this is your life, dress!
You should be able to accept the reality.

I had to transit at Batam too apparently, at Hang Nadim Airport. I guess, this airport is very nice and great. The one of the most beautiful airport in Indonesia.
Huahh, but do you know what I was thinking first? I think that I was wrong on the airplane! Furthermore, this is my first time here. Hhahahaaa.
Luckily, it's not, just transit. Hhahaa, you can imagine that it's the real. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow to arrived at Medan. Or even pay anymore, wawaawaaaw!

Hmpph, actually we started studying again on January 24th, still more than 1 week anymore. But I come earlier to fill the KRS form. I hear that a lot of my friends are already done about this.
And me? Ohh I don't know, not yet started, even I don't understand how to fill! Huahhh crazy on me! Whereas, Saturday is the last day to complete it, so I only have 2 days more. Yess, certainly I'm a great woman, very very great until drop! Hhahaaa.

--->>> So, I have to go to campus tomorrow, and must take care the KRS that I don't understand. GREAT!

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