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Sunday, January 30, 2011

After months, I didn't go to Vihara in Medan anymore. Today I do! With my friend, Henny, we go to Cetiya Mahasampatti.

Not because I don't like to go to vihara during this time. No, I'm not! I'm very like it! In vihara I always feel peaceful and most importantly, I can cultivate the good karma there. But usually I wake up late, and also I often get astray when I want to go there, hahhaa! As you know, Cetiya Mahasamppati is very far from my boarding house, and I rarely roamed in there area. Moreover, the streets in Medan are very difficult to memorized. Fair enough?

After that, we go to the market and mall to buy anything for Chinese New Year a few more days. New clothes, cakes, cute mandarin oranges, and also red ornaments! Huahh I have to clean and tidy my room for this. Prepare prepare prepare, because the Chinese NY will soon arrive!
I'll want to go to vihara first in that day, because there's the prayer in Mahasampatti. And after that I'll go to my family's and my friend's house. Yaiyyy, can't wait until February 3rd!

Btw, there's an event organized by PATRIA Sumut (if you want to know what's PATRIA, you can click this). I'll show it:
Click for the larger image

HOW CAN I GET AMAZING LIFE? ("Charity Seminar")
Sunday, Februari 20th 2011
on 12 pm until drop
at Grand Aston City Hall Mahogany Grand Ballroom
with Mr.Steve Sudjatmiko and Mr.Tommy Siawira
(Get Free Exclusive Gift for 100 first comers)

I probably will come and participate to help them out.
See you there!

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