Monday, December 27, 2010

I don't know what can I do during this holiday in Lampung. It's all seemed so ordinary and flow. Just for information, my second semester will start on January 24th, and I should go back to Medan on January 12th or 13th to fill out the KRS form. Huahh, for 1 month I here and I don't know what the excited activities that I can have.

There's PATRIA Camp III in Wira Garden last weekend (December 25th-26th, 2010) and I join them. It's something like Dhamma Camp and I've ever join it for several times. This event was held by DPC PATRIA Bandarlampung, an organization of buddhist youth theravada. Usually, I became the organizers of this event. But because I live in Medan, I can't help them to prepare. So, I join as a participant only.

The programs are like sharing dhamma, meditation, bonfire, outbond, hiking, fun games, even bathing on the river, hahahaa! And manythings that fun. Honestly, this one is the best dhamma camp than before that I have joined. The most important is, I met my Lampung buddhist friends again! Althought not all friends there, but it's enough to make me cheers, hhahaa.

--->>> Proud become a Buddhist youth, proud of the dhamma!

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