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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This doesn't feel, I've been here, Lampung, for one week since last Tuesday, and the hurts is I haven't met my school friends, huuahh! Still waiting for the another friends who are haven't back home yet.

So, what can I do during this time is just sleeping, eating, reading, watching film, shuttling-escorting for my sister and bro, and also maintaining my Mom's store. Boring! But at least, I could whiten my skin back here, after all this time to be black in Medan.

 Mental Unit

Oh ya by the way, I play tennis again today at Bukit Kencana. You don't need to be confused to read this, I always bring my racquettes everywhere, even from Medan to Lampung. I play on granit court again, because in Medan the court is made from the sands. Miss my tennis friends so much, also my coach Om Ronny. We talk anything about my campus, tournament, and newest gossip from them. Coincidentally, just last week there was PORPROV in Menggala for Lampung Province, so it's still a hot news. It's very funny to hear them tell me some gossips anymore, hahhaa.

One thing that impressed me, my coach tell me about the mentality. He gives the concrete examples, someone that I know. And actually I feel sarcastically also because of my own experience same with him. Sometimes become an athlete is mental load, sometimes I feel nervous when competing. Yah this is a mental disorder I think, it's about psychology, and me as a doctor should know how to handle it. But the best quotation from my coach is,

"We must have the confidence to beat our enemies. If you don't, then you're not fit to get the achievement."

--->>> I have to correct myself again I think, also learn more from the great athlete! I'm always admired the great athlete with the great mentality.

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