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Friday, November 26, 2010

Hi, I'm in Thailand now!
I just want to share a little in this post, later I'll tell you more. Be patient oke!

First, you can check for more information about IMT-GT. We spent the night at Thaksin University's Dormitory, all of participants here. From many universities, and 3 countries.

The peoples are so kind and friendly here, and the cultural is still religious. There are two officials for USU's tennis athletes, their names are Bee and Tan, the students of Thaksin University.
But, do you know our problems here?
The Thainesse are can't speak english very well, they can't speak Melayu too.
So how we could get the converstation? By 'isyarat' language of course. Hhahahaa.

The food also unusual in our tongue, it's very spicy and hot I think. Huauahuaa! But they have the vegetables and egg luckily, and I just ate it.

Yesterday is the opening ceremony on the night. And it's very cool, when the countries shows their cultural performance one another. Something like cultural change. GREAT!

I also get more friends from another athlete, from Badminton, Volley, Football, etc. And also from another campus, like Unimed, Thaksin, Malaysia, Thailand, and more. Nice to meet you, guys!

*About the tournament
USU's tennis team (men tennis and women) are already lose for two times.
The men won't play again tomorrow. But the women team is still play.
We lose by PSU (Prince of Songkhla University) yesterday, and today we lose by Unimed. Actually we're very tired, the schedule is so fully. At least we are traveling abroad! Hhahaha.
We hope we'll win tomorrow, pray for us yaa...

Oke, it's enough, because I must sleep for the fresh tomorrow.
---->>> I'll tell you more later and I'll put some picture. Be patient yaa...

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