'Winter Wonderland' Dental Fashion Show 2011

Monday, October 04, 2010

I was browsing about fashion dental today , and I find this:

The coolest dental expo! Wow.

It's the challenge  to create a costume made from everyday dental materials. This year, the theme for the Dental Fashion Show is “Winter Wonderland”.

One thing that make me like dentistry is because: in dentistry subject has relation with the fashion and art. I always imagine to participate in that event, but I realize that I don't have many experiences now. Yess, even I'm still fresh from high school! Oke, I know that it's held on 2011, but I'm still a pupil and I'm fool about this. Hahhaaa.

If you want to know more clearly, you can visit http://www.dentalexpo.co.nz/fashionshow.htm
and download the form if you're interested in.

I've browsing the video about dental fashion show too:

It's about braces. Very amazing!

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