My first fashion project

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It’s my first time making a project in fashion. As you know, in my university, all students are required to wear white shirt and black pants or skirt to face the examination. Usually when UTS (mid test) or UAS (end semester test) is coming, you will find the same clothes are wear by all students. I think it’s very very very monotone if we just look the natural black and white without any touch or accessories, right?

So, I decided to make it more fashionable in this project. How to make it different, where the natural colour can be seen elegant, chic, also interesting. The project is ‘Exam Fashion Week’. It’s not just ordinary black and white! It’s held on October 18-23, for 6 days when I’m on second block exam. And today, it has been completed successfully!

I make it the first part, so there will be the second part later. Probably I’ll only make one part of each semester to make it effectively. Always follow the progress yaa, maybe it will be your inspiration and you’ll find the right match of your fashion too. Hehee.

Finally, thanks for your support on this. See you on my next project!

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